Translation and Interpretation Services for Every Need

Want to translate a medical equipment manual into many languages? Looking for skilled simultaneous interpreters for an international conference? We will provide you with the professional translation services you need! Asap Global Interpreting Inc. relies on a worldwide network of translators and interpreters and we are ready to handle various subjects and fields of knowledge. We are based in Iselin, NJ and we serve the following neighborhoods: Colonia, NJ;Clark, NJ;Metuchen, NJ;South Amboy, NJ;Highland Park, NJ

Language Translation Service

Language Translation Service

Need a specialized business document translation service? See below an in-exhaustive list of Asap Global Interpreting Inc.’s services:

  • Certified interpretation services – interpretation is carried out at the same time (simultaneously) or directly after (consecutively) the pronouncing of the speech in the source language. It requires extremely quick thinking and the swift reactions of the interpreter. We cover the following areas:
  • Court interpretation: civil, criminal, and family courts, domestic violence (ACS), depositions, insurance statements, legal proceedings, trials, court hearings, and other court appearance;
  • Social and community events: award ceremonies, community meetings, conferences, and seminars;
  • Educational and business venues: academic settings, training workshops, corporate meetings, trade shows, and medical appointments.
  • Certified translation services – translation and localization require the ability to handle various content using the appropriate resources and technological innovations. We assign the right document translator team for each project, and we provide translation, post-editing, and quality control services in the following subject areas:
  • Legal and academic documentation: certificates, contracts, living trusts and wills, MOUs (Memorandums of understanding), policy and procedures, transcripts, academic documents, school safety material, and training manuals;
  • Medical documentation and general texts: health care manuals, brochures, catalogs, newsletters, etc.
  • Video Transcription – this is the process of converting the audio of a video into text. It enables a more friendly user experience, video scrolling, and accessibility to non-native speakers, deaf, or hard of hearing viewers. We combine high-grade automatic speech recognition technologies and experienced human transcriptionists to produce a comprehensive final result.
  • Subtitling – this is a sophisticated audiovisual translation that has its own specifications and rules. We use highly trained linguists who translate different content and genres, retain the meaning and context of the original version, and convey it in the target language. Our editing specialists process the translated version to meet the parameters such as timing, positioning, characters-per-line limits, and reading speed.
  • Voice-Over – this is an audio production technique used in radio, television, and filmmaking which is pre-recorded and placed over a video to explain information. We provide localized voice-overs for videos and games and we use specialist voice talents and top-notch recording equipment to deliver the right audio content for the target audience.

To learn more about our outstanding translation and interpretation services, reach us at (908) 247-6559 today to request a quote. We will be honored to work on your project!