Pick Your Multi-Language Vendor Project Type with Us

Are you looking for a language translation service?

Are your language translation service jobs not meeting industry standards? Maybe you’re dealing with a poor turn-around rate? The grasp of grammar, vocabulary, and punctuation are not at the university level? The feedback to your questions not thoroughly provided? The difference of time-zones have become a communication issue? When you require last minute revisions on your documents do they become unresponsive and hardly flexible?

The Internet may have made the availability for language translation service companies to use native translators from many countries to render translations to or from almost every language in the world. However, there are a lot of bad services in the business that will ruin three of your most valuable assets: Time, money, and effort.

We, at Asap Global Interpreting Inc., are not just a company that is a set of pretty words. We walk the way we talk. Or to set it straight, we talk the walk of our company’s purpose. We are a multi-language vendor here in Iselin, NJ who has built our in-house team not by the ground up but has crafted such a team due to the purpose of making it go up.

As a dynamic multi-language vendor, our systems of method for a day to day basis of operation includes:

  • -Extensive discussion of the project scope with the client which will include the understanding of the objectives, definition of what needs to be largely translated.

  • – Reassessment of the terminology to be translated which will cover guidelines in translation and style guideline.

  • – The translation process which is made up of a translation team is composed of qualified professionals with a specific industry of service.

  • – Correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying the translation which is done by an editor. The editor will see to it that the translated material strictly follows the guidelines for translation.

  • – Handing over the product to the client. Updates and future changes are relatively quick as we have stored the translated material in our systems.

We welcome your questions and comments. For a free quote, please contact us anytime at (908) 247-6559 and we will discuss the details of your project with you.