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Tips on How to Work With Interpretation Services

This post of Asap Global Interpreting Inc. is targeted at people that have never used interpretation services before, to find out how to work with your interpreter, read on.

1. Brief your interpreter before a conversation.

Familiarizing your interpreter with basic information such as who, what, where, and why will give your session a more seamless and professional flow. And, briefing them on any points which could be deemed sensitive will allow them to use the appropriate tone for such issues.

2. The interpreter is only there to translate what is said.

Even when the most basic of questions are asked, a trained interpreter should never assume your answer, or, to answer on your behalf. Your interpreter should remain neutral, and only provide communication and understanding, and should never become involved in the conversation.

3. Ask your interpreter not to change any part of the conversation.

A professional and trained interpreter should never alter the conversation. They are only there to provide interpretation and understanding. When you have never used an interpreter before, understanding the conversation should not be altered, will help you to know that communication is taking place.

4. Speak clearly.

Your interpreter should be trained and skilled enough to work at a rapid pace, however, you need to remember to speak clearly and slowly. As speaking too fast, not pausing, or being unclear will often mean the conversation will have to be repeated or clarified. This will ensure minimal delays and disruptions during the interpretation process.

5. Allow more time to elapse for interpreted communication.

Often, with emergencies or last-minute meetings, time constraints are a factor, however, for meetings planned in advance, make sure to allow sufficient time for the interpretation process to take place. As being rushed for time will often result in ineffective communication, and when language barriers are involved, it is critical to have enough time to ensure everyone involved is completely understood.

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